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Jul 19, 2012

July 19, 2012
Yum! Brands CEO David Novak. Piedmont Natural Gas CEO Thomas E. Skains. Iglo Foods Group CEO Martin Glenn. USAA CEO Joe Robles. These four chief executives head up very different companies in four different industries. But they have one thing in common. All four made corporate culture a top strategic priority and focused on leading the culture transformations at their companies. Creating healthy, high-performance cultures has reaped enormous benefits for each company, including improving employee engagement, customer satisfaction, financial performance and shareholder value.

We are pleased to share interviews with these top CEOs that provide candid insights into how they have focused on transforming their cultures as a key driver of employee engagement and performance as a key competitive advantage. The interviews are all included in our summer 2012 issue of at your best. Our quarterly newsletter is a free learning resource that is part of Senn Delaney's purpose of helping to change the world by inspiring leaders to create thriving organizational cultures.

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Among the interviews:

Piedmont Natural Gas Chairman, President and CEO Thomas E. Skains discusses why creating the Piedmont Pride culture has been the single most important factor in achieving stellar financial results, improving customer satisfaction and providing a Thriving work environment that engages workers and attracts the best talent.

USAA CEO Joe Robles calls himself the chief culture officer and sees perpetuating the culture as a top priority. He states that the success of USAA over the past nine years has been primarily due to the culture that he created through Senn Delaney. Listen to the interview led by Robert Reiss, host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The CEO Show.

Charlie Coode, vice president of Senn Delaney, discusses the firm's partnership role in helping Iglo Foods Group CEO Martin Glenn to create a clear, unifying purpose, and define and bring its core PACE values to life. The culture transformation has been a key enabler for growth and success.

This issue of Senn Delaney's thought leadership newsletter, at your best, also features a guest column by Robert Reiss: Focus on culture a key to becoming a transformative CEO. Reiss has interviewed nearly 250 CEOs in his role as host of The CEO Show and The CEO TV Show. He has captured the stories and five key characteristics of what he calls "The Transformative CEO" in a new book by that title. Reiss describes why putting culture first is one of the keys to being a transformative CEO.

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