Senn Delaney launches SDTV thought leadership video channel

A free learning resources for leaders on the latest leadership insights on culture shaping, innovation and leadership

Feb 15, 2012

February 15, 2012

Senn Delaney, the culture-shaping firm, is pleased to introduce our new video channel, SDTV. SDTV, a free learning resource, provides a robust mix of thought-provoking video interviews by leaders for leaders seeking to challenge their thinking and stretch their learning about driving organizational performance and creating thriving, high-performance organizations.

SDTV features a wide range of thought leadership, including:

    client success case studies
    view from the top interviews with prominent CEOs and top leaders about the positive impact on their companies from creating thriving, high-performance cultures
    presentations on best practices in culture shaping
    thought leadership interviews with Senn Delaney's culture-shaping experts
    short conversations with Senn Delaney culture-shaping experts about why they are so passionate about inspiring leaders to create thriving organizational cultures

“Helping leaders with their own learning and growth is part of Senn Delaney's purpose of positively impacting the world by inspiring leaders to create thriving organizational cultures. That is why we are delighted to bring SDTV to life for thousands of leaders around the globe,” said Senn Delaney President and CEO Jim Hart.

“Thriving leaders who seek to create thriving organizational cultures all share three common traits; personal purpose, a learning mindset and vitality. They continually seek to learn and grow to be being better leaders and team members," said Senn Delaney Chairman Larry Senn. "SDTV is another resource that will provide that opportunity. There are also tools on the site that allow leaders to engage in the content and share it with colleagues.”

SDTV also features weekly CEO video insight series and episodes library

Through Senn Delaney's partnership with Robert Reiss and The CEO TV Show, SDTV also provides new weekly video interviews with some of the nation's most prominent CEOs, as well as a library of previously aired episodes. These insights offer an intimate window into CEOs' views on leadership, the importance of corporate culture to their company's success, how to create a culture of innovation and other key challenges and successes.

CEOs in the series have included Kaiser Permanente CEO George Halvorson, Panasonic CEO Joe Taylor, Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners, AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega and CEO Tony Hsieh. New episodes will feature Yum! Brands CEO David Novak, Pat Charmel, CEO of Griffin Hospital, and more.

The CEOTV Show was launched in 2011 by Reiss, who has interviewed hundreds of CEOs for his nationally syndicated radio show, his Forbes column and his quarterly magazine for CEOs. Reiss commented on Senn Delaney's SDTV launch: “We're very proud to partner with Senn Delaney, world-class experts on corporate culture. Our shared content will provide leading CEOs and leaders with a great resource to learn more about the importance of corporate culture to achieving outstanding results.”

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