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How a CEO's focus on organizational purpose elevates performance

Mar 13, 2014

Chief Executive Magazine

March 13, 2014

Jim Hart, president and CEO of Senn Delaney, a Heidrick & Struggles company, recently hosted a roundtable for chief executive officers at Chief Executive Group’s CEO2CEO Leadership Summit at the New York Stock Exchange to examine key elements of business leadership and performance-driven power of purpose.  


Read the article that appears in the current issue of Chief Executive Magazine where CEOs who attended the roundtable shared their insights, progress and challenges. The consensus of CEOs is that a major problem they face is a disengaged workforce, and a big part of the solution is to inspire workers through alignment around a clearly defined purpose. They also caution that defining the purpose is only a first step; keeping that purpose alive even as the company grows and evolves must be a priority for company leaders.


“Inspiration is, in large part, rooted in a sense of purpose, about serving something larger than you,” Hart told CEOs at the roundtable. “A clear and compelling, heartfelt purpose becomes a magnetic north to align people around, and then you all move in the same direction,” explained Hart. He noted that companies that have a defined and well communicated purpose enjoy many benefits, including improved financial performance, customer trust and brand reputation. “A clear purpose inspires employees — increasing their engagement, satisfaction and productivity — reduces turnover and attracts the best talent.”


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