Senn Delaney CEO Jim Hart is interviewed in Inc. Magazine

How to Know it's Time to Revamp your Company Culture

Apr 2, 2014

April 2, 2014

An expert reveals how crucial company culture is to success--and how to get yours back on track.


Culture can have a big effect on a company's bottom line--and, as such, smart entrepreneurs are constantly evaluating and refining what makes their workplaces unique.


You might say Jim Hart is a culture master. As president and CEO of Senn Delaney, a Heidrick & Struggles company, he's been in the field of culture shaping for nearly two decades and helps global organizations reshape, refine, and create great cultures.


I recently sat down with Hart, to discuss the challenges--and opportunities--entrepreneurs face when it comes to company culture.


What are the traits of a great company culture?


Great cultures often lead to great results and sustainable results over a long period of time. How would you know it?


You can feel it, but it's hard to define it. Let me tell you what we call a "thriving" organizational culture. Those are cultures that have three equal measures: Firstly, they have a clear and compelling sense of purpose for the organizations. They know why they exist and why anyone should care.


Secondly, they encourage a growth and learning mindset at the top and throughout the organization. With this mindset, people are willing to take risks to achieve results. They are the disruptors that are asking the questions.


Third is a sense of optimism, and a view that the glass is half full. You get a general sense of optimism and connect through possibilities. It's not that they live in a Pollyannaish world. They have a sense of optimism from the inside out. When you get all three together, you will have a great, high-performing culture.


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