Senn Delaney Chairman Dr. Larry Senn joins faculty of culture experts sharing best practices on culture change at educational website

Jul 1, 2014

July 1, 2014

Dr. Larry Senn, Senn Delaney founder and chairman, will provide insights and best practices from his decades of experience by serving as a faculty member of, an educational website and blog dedicated to providing workplace culture awareness, education, best practices and expert insights to positively impact society on a global scale.


In his first article as a member of the faculty of, Senn observes that most CEOs know that culture matters and can have a strong impact on business results. However, despite this broad executive understanding of culture, too many culture change efforts still fail or fall short of their potential, based on four key reasons. Read the article.


Senn joins a growing faculty of internationally recognized workplace culture experts who provide ongoing insights as faculty members, including:


  • Edgar Schein – Professor Emeritus at the MIT Sloan School of Management and best-selling author of some of the most influential books on culture, including Organizational Culture and Leadership and Humble InquiryThe Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling.
  • Richard Barrett – Founder and chairman of the Barrett Values Center, global thought leader, and author of Evolutionary Coaching: A Values-based Approach to Unleashing Human Potential and The Values-Driven Organisation: Unleashing Human Potential for Performance and Profit.
  • Edward Marshall - President of the Marshall Group and a past senior partner with the Center for Creative Leadership, author of two best-selling business books: Transforming the Way We Work: the Power of the Collaborative Workplace, and Building Trust at the Speed of Change
  • Alan Williams - Managing Director of SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL, Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality, a Board member of the British Quality Foundation and a Steering Group member of the recently formed UK Values Alliance

“The world needs culture education since it is the most powerful force in organizations,” says Tim Kuppler, co-founder of He notes that he many leaders do not understand how much culture influences behavior, thinking, results and the bottom line. They are mystified about culture fundamentals and specifically how culture evolves in organizations. “As a result, was born,” states Kuppler.”  Kupple describes Senn as one of the fathers of corporate culture and believes his insights will make a significant contribution to enhancing workplace culture awareness.



Other guest experts sharing insights on include:

  • Tom Rath, best-selling author, senior scientist and advisor to Gallup
  • Jenn Lim, CEO & co-founder, with CEO Tony Hsieh, ofDelivering Happiness
  • Bill Neale, founder of the Neale Group and co-founder of Denison Consulting
  • Robert Cooke, president of Human Synergistics
  • Ted Coine, co-CEO of Switch & Shift


“Most leaders don’t realize that culture can be systematically shaped in a relatively short time, and specifically developed to drive their key strategies. I think if more leaders understood that, more would engage in it,” says Senn.


Senn notes that CultureUniversity’s purpose complements Senn Delaney’s higher purpose, which is to positively impact the world by inspiring leaders to create thriving organizational cultures. "I am grateful to be a member of’s esteemed faculty so that I can share insights we have learned from an exclusive focus on transforming cultures for more than 35 years.”



According to Edgar Schein, “Leaders must understand culture is not this surface phenomenon, but it is our very core, that we live in culture, we display a culture, and we are always driven by the culture. There is a clear need for more culture education and I am happy to share my insights at”


Richard Barrett highlighted that “cultural capital is the new frontier of competitive advantage. Organizations don't transform, people do. Organizational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. If you want to transform your culture you must begin by measuring it."

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