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Why culture matters: learnings from an executive panel discussion
100 leaders attended a panel discussion on culture to learn more about why culture matters

April 13, 2012

“Why Culture Matters” was the focus of the 2012 Human Resource Roundtable for senior HR leaders on March 14, 2012 at the Harvard Club in New York City. This annual peer learning and networking was sponsored by HRD Consultants, Mulllin & Associates Ltd. and Senn Delaney.

More than 100 senior leaders attended the event. Participants took away trend data and practical information they can use to better manage their organization, their team and their career. Five senior leaders, including two CEOs, shared their perspectives on such questions as does culture matter? Do HR leaders have a role in leading and transforming culture? What is organizational culture? How do you shape a culture? What is the purpose of shaping a culture? Here is an article recapping the panel discussion and learnings.

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“Senn Delaney was thrilled to be a part of this event because the topic is so relevant to executive HR leaders. It's a great opportunity for HR leaders to learn the latest thinking and best practices from the field,” said Senn Delaney Partner and Executive Vice President Mike Marino, who moderated the panel discussion and provided an expert overview on what is organizational culture, why it is a competitive advantage, how it can be shaped and how you can measure results of a culture transformation.

Marino notes that today's HR leaders must understand how to lead culture change and actively partner with the CEO and senior leadership team to transform the culture to improve spirit and performance: “Creating and sustaining a Thriving organizational culture is not only is a key driver of financial performance, it is also one of the best ways to attract and retain and talent and measurably increase employee engagement.”

2012 Human Resource Roundtable panelists included:

    Craig Ivey, President, Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc.
    Deborah Zastocki, CEO, Chilton Memorial Hospital
    Andy Kaslow, Ph.D, President, Quantum Leap Advisors
    Jamie Lane, Vice President, Talent & Organization Development, Hess Corporation
    Jim Minogue, Managing Director and Head of Human Resources, Gleacher & Company

The Human Resources Roundtable was started in 1995 as a way for senior human resource executives to gather in an intimate setting to discuss and share ideas on current human resource practices and thinking. One of the benefits is that it “marries” the sharing of best practices with a unique opportunity for executive-level, peer-to peer networking.

About the 2012 roundtable sponsors

Senn Delaney
 Founded in 1978, Senn Delaney was the first firm in the world to focus exclusively on transforming cultures. Senn Delaney's comprehensive and proven culture-shaping methodology engages people and measurably impacts both the spirit and performance of organizations.

HRD Consultants
Led by Founder and President Marcia Glatman, HRD Consultants is a nationally recognized retainer search firm that focuses exclusively on executive-level human resource professionals.

Mullin & Associates Ltd
Mullin & Associates is the premier global provider of individual outplacement solutions that focus on the individual and offer progressive winning strategies.