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Iglo Foods Group COO Tania Howarth will co-present at a Senn Delaney executive webinar on organizational culture
Registration open now for March 27 live webinar

March 11, 2012

Senn Delaney and Iglo Foods Group Chief Operating Officer Tania Howarth will share expert insights into how to effectively shape organizational culture to achieve better results at a live webinar March 27 at 1 p.m. GMT.

Learn more about the Webinar and register your place:
Shaping the culture of your Organization. Why it is important and what it takes.

“Cultures happen by default or design. Aligning the culture of your organization is a critical factor in enhancing performance, effectively executing strategies and exceeding the goals of your organization,” notes Senn Delaney's Charlie Coode. “Senior leaders who participate in this event will learn about the importance of aligning your culture to your strategy and your structure. They will develop a greater understanding for how to create an aligned, high-performance culture to measurably enhance the performance in their organization.”

Howarth will share a case study of Iglo Food Group's successful focus on culture as a key tool to enable and accelerate its growth strategy that resulted in record financial performance in 2011.

Iglo Foods Group case study details:

Iglo Foods Group is the market-leading frozen foods business in Europe, operating in 11 countries across Europe. It acquired the Italian Findus business at the end of 2010, making the Iglo Foods Group a truly European business. With a relatively new executive team and an ambitious plan to create a centralized product and marketing function, Iglo Foods Group had a clear need to create a common culture, based on performance and collaboration, across the group in 2011.

Over the year, the CEO and executive leadership team systematically created a fresh set of values, aligning the whole organization around these values and focusing the business on the key areas that would make the most difference in achieving Iglo's ambition. As a result of better decision making and the sharing of ideas more readily, the Italian acquisition was quickly integrated, Iglo had a record financial performance in 2011, increased employee engagement and achieved market shared growth in all but one of its markets. Most importantly, Iglo is now well positioned for future organic and inorganic growth.

Topics to be covered in the webinar:

    the effect of change on culture
    aligning culture with strategy
    how culture can measurably enhance performance in organizations
    consciously shaping culture to support organizational strategy and structure
    sustainable behavioral change led from the top
    shifting long-held mindsets as a process not an event

Key takeaways from this session:

    A company's culture can be a significant brake or an accelerator on your performance.
    Cultures will act to resist change, so this must be addressed as a central part of a transformation.
    Culture shaping is a conscious, rigorous, disciplined approach that predictably brings a rapid and sustainable change in behavior.
    Changing culture involves personal change. It must be led from the top and done with speed and momentum.
    Organizational practices need to be aligned to support behavioral change.
    Shifting long-held mindsets takes time and must be seen as a process rather than an event.

About Tania Howarth
Tania Howarth is chief operating officer for Iglo Foods Group, the market-leading frozen foods business in Europe, operating in 11 countries across Europe. Tania has responsibility for all manufacturing, supply chain, IT and HR areas. Tania joined Iglo in April 2007. She successfully led the separation from Unilever and the creation of a standalone, integrated European platform. Tania previously worked for some of the most prestigious branded goods companies, including Coca-Cola, where she was CIO for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, PepsiCo, where she was CIO for the Walkers Snack food business, Sun Microsystems ICI and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.