Heidrick & Struggles Newsroom - Video Gallery https://heidrick.mediaroom.com/ Heidrick & Struggles Newsroom Yum! Brands CEO David Novak shares insights on creating an iconic recognition culture that drives global performance and growth https://heidrick.mediaroom.com/video-gallery?mode=video https://heidrick.mediaroom.com/video-gallery?mode=video:1518 <p>David Novak, chairman and CEO of Yum! Brands, discusses why creating a recognition culture has been a key ingredient to long-term growth and success. Senn Delaney Chairman Dr. Larry Senn also provides leadership advice in the interview.</p> Ameren CEO Tom Voss discusses leading a culture transformation to restore the energy company to top performance: preview https://heidrick.mediaroom.com/video-gallery?mode=video https://heidrick.mediaroom.com/video-gallery?mode=video:1517 <p>Tom Voss, chairman, president and CEO of Ameren, discusses leading a culture transformation at St. Louis-based utility company Ameren to restore it to top performance and winning in four critical categories: safety, customer satisfaction, employee engagement and top-tier performance in total shareholder return. The culture work led to creating an inspiring purpose, &lsquo;to power the quality of life&rsquo;, and has been a big factor in helping Ameren achieve goals of top-tier performance in safety, total return on shareholder value, customer satisfaction, employee engagement and operational excellence. Watch this short video of interview highlights.</p> RESTORING AGILITY AND GROWTH AT BELGACOM https://heidrick.mediaroom.com/video-gallery?mode=video https://heidrick.mediaroom.com/video-gallery?mode=video:1516 <p>In this video interview, Belgacom CEO Dominique Leroy describes the cultural transformation underway at the Belgian telecommunications giant.</p> <p>By Ian Johnston</p> LEADERSHIPTV® - WHAT MAKES A GLOBAL LEADER? https://heidrick.mediaroom.com/video-gallery?mode=video https://heidrick.mediaroom.com/video-gallery?mode=video:1515 <p>Today&rsquo;s fast-paced and more globally interconnected business environment puts a premium on a portfolio of skills that includes empathy, cultural awareness and flexibility, and greater &ldquo;experience diversity,&rdquo; among others.</p> <p>This episode of Heidrick &amp; Struggles&rsquo; LeadershipTV&reg; explores these skills, why they matter, and how organizations can encourage them. A closer look at the experiences of two executives whose companies epitomize this thinking (Lenovo and China Light and Power) offers insights for established global leaders and aspirants alike.</p> <p>By Guy Farrow</p> LEADERSHIPTV™- THE GROWING DEMAND FOR GENERAL COUNSEL RESPONSIBILITIES ON BOARDS https://heidrick.mediaroom.com/video-gallery?mode=video https://heidrick.mediaroom.com/video-gallery?mode=video:1513 <p>Discover how a General Counsel&#39;s background makes the role a unique presence in the board room through Heidrick &amp; Struggles&#39; recent LeadershipTV&trade; episode.</p> <p>By Victoria S. Reese</p>